Why choose
Your Energy Partner?

Working with a solar broker to identify the best solar retailer for your requirements is a smart decision. Here are just a few of the reasons selecting Your Energy Partner is an even smarter decision:

Incentives and rebates

We ensure you receive every rebate and incentive for which you are eligible.

Brokerage service

We scour the market to find the best deals for you.


We save you time and money by identifying the products that best meet your needs.

Approved partners

Our partners are Clean Energy Council-approved solar retailers

Industry-leading warranties

25-year warranties on leading brands.

Feed-in tariff

High feed-in tariffs from energy companies.

We provide essential maintenance to all customers!

Why use
a solar broker?

Congratulations on your decision to install solar panels. Your choice will reduce your energy bills and help to protect the environment. Now you need to select a reputable retailer to protect your investment, rather than maximize their profit at the expense of your interests.
A solar broker will take the uncertainty out of your decision. Your Energy Partner will work on your behalf to identify the best installation and retailer for your needs, for the most competitive price – and at no cost to you.


and Endorsements

Your Energy Partner works only with Clean Energy Council-accredited retailers that provide solar technology from some of the largest and most respected manufacturers worldwide. You can be assured that our partners are established and financially stable companies that will still exist, should you ever need to lodge a warranty claim. The warranties offered by manufacturers are industry-leading, and will protect your investment for years to come. Our partners meet the standards of the following organisations and accreditations:


Your Energy Partner helps homeowners to reach informed choices about purchasing solar installations. As an independent solar broker, we partner only with the most reputable retailers and only deal with the most trusted brands on the market. Our loyalty is to consumers, rather than to manufacturers and retailers.

Our honesty, integrity and transparency returns the power to consumers in the decision making process. We look forward to assisting your decision about selecting a solar retailer.